America surprised to learn SNL is still on the air

Before Palin sketches, 96% of nation thought show was canceled in 2002

In the weeks since Saturday Night Live aired its first sketch of Tina Fey portraying Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, TV viewers across America have been shocked to learn the show wasn’t canceled years ago.

“At first I thought maybe they were doing a reunion episode because of the election,” said 29-year-old Sam Banks of Chicago. “I mean I haven’t heard anyone mention SNL since like 2002 or something. But I guess it’s been on the whole time? Weird.”

A recent study conducted by Nielsen Media shows that – prior to the Palin sketches – only 4% of American households had tuned in to NBC during the Saturday Night Live time slot in the last six years.

“And most of those were probably by accident,” said Nielsen spokesman Mark Grant. “We also found the words ‘Saturday Night Live’ had not been uttered around a water cooler since as far back as 1998. To say the show is culturally irrelevant would be an understatement. That obnoxious ShamWow! infomercial draws higher ratings.”

Buoyed by the success of the political skits, SNL plans to “make a serious attempt to be funny again,” according to executive producer Lorne Michaels.

“We’ve got all kinds of stuff planned with Palin,” said Michaels. “We’re going to ride this into the ground, I promise you that.”

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