‘Title meets Title’ pitches stop working as no good combos left

Citing decades of hypothetical movie pairings, screenwriters are finding it increasingly difficult to come up with new combinations.

“The other day I actually told someone my new screenplay was Maid In Manhattan meets Cinderella,” said one writer. “How dumb is that?”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has seen a ton of bad pairs cross his desk recently.

“I’ve been pitched The Rock meets Con Air…even Police Academy meets Super Troopers,” said Bruckheimer. “At some point they all start sounding like movies I probably did already.”

According to Variety, the following pitches have been floating around town in recent weeks:

Scarface meets The Godfather
Rocky meets Rudy
Wall Street meets Boiler Room
Goodfellas meets Casino
2 Fast 2 Furious meets Days Of Thunder
Slacker meets Dazed And Confused
Reservoir Dogs meets Pulp Fiction
Deep Impact meets Armageddon

And the problem isn’t confined to fictional movie combinations. Concept twists such as ‘Jaws in water’ and ‘Spider-Man with a tarantula’ have also flooded the market.

“When you start hearing pitches for Die Hard in a skyscraper, you know you’ve got problems,” said Bruckheimer.


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