Agent would love to read script, but can’t

Interest in script overpowered by less clear factors

“I’d love to read your script,” an Endeavor agent told screenwriter Paul Boden at a party in the Hollywood hills last weekend. “I just can’t.”

When asked to clarify exactly what’s stopping her, the agent hedged.

“Oh, I know how to read. I just can’t accept any new material right now. I’d love to, but it’s simply not a possibility for the foreseeable future. I’m sure you understand.”

But Boden didn’t understand. A few hours later, he bumped into the Endeavor rep outside by the pool. The conversation eventually meandered back around to Boden’s script.

“So it’s about a teenage master thief whose father is a police detective?” asked the agent. “Wow, I like that so much I almost want to read it. But, as you know, I just can’t. Ooh, they have brie cheese.”

The agent then scooped a nice dollop of cheese onto a cracker and changed the subject to all the scripts she actually has read recently.

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