Jewish writer surprisingly unfunny

Hollywood reps disappointed by scribe’s work, despite ‘promising’ last name

Aspiring screenwriter Michael Goldenbergstein should be cranking out hilarious scripts left and right, claims Endeavor agent Josh Hanson.

He just isn’t.

“It’s like the guy isn’t even Jewish at all,” said Hanson. “I figured he might be the next Woody Allen or Larry David, but now I’m thinking he’s just German or Polish or whatever. Talk about a letdown.”

Hanson wasn’t the only rep taken in by Goldenbergstein’s query letter.

“You see a name like that attached to a script called ‘Beer Run,’ and you get your hopes up,” said Brent McGowan of William Morris. “But I gotta tell you…I didn’t laugh once. Chosen, my ass. This guy probably hasn’t eaten a bagel in years.”

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