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Will Ferrell to star in religious version of Liar, Liar

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Script Track – November 4, 2008

Kosher Tacos
A Jewish man falls in love with a Mexican woman and tries to woo her by opening a taco stand in her neighborhood. Indie potential. Jonathan Silverman attached to star.
Writer: Avi Rosenbergstein

Straight into studios, plot being kept under wraps. Based on a pitch by Jack Black.

The Boob Job

A desperate housewife who can’t get her husband to pay for breast implants decides to rob the bank he works at.
Writers: Joel & Ethan Coen

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Even James Wan getting tired of ‘Saw’ movies

Despite another successful run at the box office, executive producer James Wan walked out of a recent showing of the fifth installment of his ‘Saw’ franchise feeling upset and disappointed.

“It’s just the same movie over and over,” he complained. “It’s almost like we’re not even trying anymore.”

When told he could easily fix the problem by producing different kinds of films, Wan was intrigued.

“I never thought of that,” he said. “Then again, that would involve me coming up with a new idea – and I’ve only had like one of those my entire life. I guess we’re all stuck with Jigsaw for another five or six movies.”

Unfortunately for Wan, the public may force his hand. While audiences are turning out for Saw V, most of them have expressed disappointment with the experience.

“This would have been an awesome movie if I had seen it like a week before the original one back in 2004,” said Troy Blanton of Woodland Hills. “But all things being equal, it’s kind of a shit sandwich.”

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