AMPTP proposes controversial private jet clause

‘Every 20 actors hired, we get another Gulfstream’

gulfstream-550gNegotiators for the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers went on the offensive over the weekend, amending their “final offer” to include a new clause stipulating that SAG must give the producers a new private jet for every 20 actors hired.

“If SAG leadership is going to ignore the economic realities during this bargaining process by asking for ridiculous concessions like 2% raises and slightly better residuals, then we want more jets,” said an AMPTP spokesperson. “I’m pretty sure I need my own Gulfstream as badly as some no-name character actor needs health insurance.”

According to the AMPTP, the “Jet Clause” is simply the first of many demands the AMPTP plans to bring to the table if SAG continues to stall.

“Next week it could be required handjobs for the EP at the wrap of every day,” said the spokesperson. “There’s no telling what we might come up with. Hell, some of the studio heads want to wipe out actors altogether and move to 100% animation.”


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