Script Track – December 9, 2008

Citizen Canine
A dying dog reflects on his 14 years of life, wondering if he should have had a litter with that poodle bitch from down the block.
Writer: Peter Farelly

Some Like It Cold
Romantic comedy twist on Goldilocks and The Three Bears, in which the porridge-sipping Goldilocks falls in love with papa bear, now a widower looking after baby bear all by himself.
Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt in talks to star.

Robo Bubbe
After being injured in a horrible car accident, a 64-year-old Jewish woman undergoes surgery to replace her arms and legs with robotic limbs. The new appendages not only increase Bubbe’s ability to hug her grandkids and make matzoh ball soup – they also help her fight crime!
Writer: Deborah Grossblitzberg


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