Nikki Finke out with new book: ‘TOLDJA! How I Scooped Everybody’

Explosive tell-all promises to blow lid off entire industry


Deadline Hollywood’s Nikki Finke is set to release her third book next month, the first since she skyrocketed to Internet fame as an industry darling thanks to her in-depth coverage of the Hollywood writers strike last winter.

According to Finke, ‘TOLDJA!’ will likely blow the lid off the entire industry and leave most of America slack-jawed with wonder.

“The hacks over at Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are too busy sucking up to Big Media to cover the important stories,” said Finke. “When people see what’s really going on behind closed doors in this town, they might stop watching movies and television altogether. At the very least, they’ll never turn on NBC again.”

The L.A. Weekly columnist has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped on the book’s contents, but her publisher has released a partial chapter list, hinting at a number of explosive scandals the 564-page tome may cover…

Chapter 1 — AMPTP: Collusion, Pyramid Scheme or Both?
Chapter 4 — What Peter Chernin Doesn’t Want You To Know About ‘House’
Chapter 5 — Guess Which Six Hollywood Executives Hate Me The Most

‘TOLDJA!’ hits shelves January 7, 2009.


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