Sci Fi Channel lets pre-schooler pick new brand identity

Resulting ‘Syfy’ exactly what you’d expect from a toddler

homeUnable to come up with a relevant brand identity on its own, the Sci Fi Channel recently laid off its entire marketing department and gave sole creative control to Billy Bernstein, 3, of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Just three short minutes later, the toddler had wowed company executives by randomly placing children’s building blocks in a pattern that somewhat resembled the word “Syfy.”

“At first we were worried Billy wasn’t taking this seriously,” said Sci Fi president John Vanderpool. “But then he took the blocks out of his mouth, stopped drooling and spelled our network’s name in the most peculiar way…almost like a text message or tweet or something. It was sheer brilliance!”

According to witnesses, little Billy was so pleased with his effort he immediately crapped himself.

“I nearly crapped myself too,” said Vanderpool. “I mean, to think that we’ve spent nine months and millions of dollars trying to come up with some hip, unnecessary new branding identity – and this kid did it all between sips of grape juice. I can’t wait to see how non-toddlers react to ‘Syfy.’”


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