CAA officials find Endeavor-WMA merger extremely cute

‘Aw, that’s so nice for them’ says Lourd

agent-talk-logoWith reports coming in that the Endeavor-WMA merger is basically a done deal, many industry observers are interested to see whether the new company will take a run at Creative Artists Agency, widely considered the top talent firm in Hollywood.

But if CAA officials are worried, they’re not showing it.

“We’re happy for those guys,” said CAA partner Bryan Lourd. “They really deserve each other. WMA is so cute with its music and TV divisions, and Endeavor is just plain adorable with that sparkplug Ari [Emanuel] at the reins. Good for them, I say!”

Kevin Huvane agreed.

“I’ve always felt bad for them. You know, because they’re not us,” he said. “Maybe this will improve their self-esteem a bit.”


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