Experts worry Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ may explode your brain upon viewing

‘Could also force you to crap yourself’

james-cameron-avatar-2 James Cameron has always been known as a technical pioneer, but he may be poised to take things a little too far with his upcoming Avatar movie, set to hit theaters late this year. According to several reliable sources, the new film is so visually stunning, it will rupture both your head and your ass.

“Remember when kids were having seizures because of Pokémon?” asked Thomas Herlander of UCLA’s Brain Research Lab. “That was nothing. When this movie hits Imax, we could be talking about mass death and defecation. People simply cannot handle this type of entertainment.”

But the warnings have only fueled even more interest in the pic among the studio’s core audience.

“I can’t wait to have my brain blown up!” posted Geek4Lyfe on the popular site “And I can’t remember the last time a movie made me drop a deuce. It’s gonna be killer!”

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