McG confused by discussion of ‘theme’ at dinner party

A relaxed dinner among colleagues turned ugly on Wednesday when McG, director of Terminator Salvation, was asked by fellow director Darren Aronofsky what the movie “was really about.”

“He kept telling me it was about ‘these awesome robots who take over the world and explode stuff’,” said Aronofsky. “I tried to clarify that I was talking about the theme, but it didn’t seem to sink in. He just went off.”

According to witnesses at BOA Steakhouse, McG grew more and more frustrated with the conversation, eventually flying into a rage and storming out of the Santa Monica restaurant.

“I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on,” said waitress Cheri Grendell. “First McG was yelling about ‘high concept’ or something, then he was pounding the table and demanding that Aronofsky explain what the word ‘theme’ meant. Bizarre.”

McG tried to downplay the incident.

“Of course I understand that theme is a basic literary device used in all manner of stories, whether they be on the page or on the screen,” he said in a written statement released by his publicist. “The idea that a successful director and producer like myself wouldn’t understand theme is ridiculous. Terminator Salvation is obviously about the role of machines in society and cool shit like that.”

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