Writer bypasses gatekeepers, places script directly into CAA’s dumpster

‘Just easier this way’ he says

caa-dumpsterAs long as there have been gatekeepers in Hollywood, determined writers and actors have tried every approach imagineable to get around them – and gain direct access to the town’s decision-makers. Screenwriter Mark Lahey recently developed his own unconventional approach when he snuck behind the CAA building and placed his romantic comedy script in one of the agency’s dumpsters.

“I just wanted to be able to tell other managers and agents that one of my scripts was currently at CAA,” he said. “But every time I tried to send them one in the mail, they returned it unread. It never even made it to the trash!”

Unfortunately for Lahey, CAA is so diligent about returning unsolicited material, their legal department combs the dumpsters every night in search of discarded scripts and query letters. It was during one of these searches that Lahey’s script ‘Friends with Benefits’ was found.

“This was a unique attempt by Mr. Lahey,” said CAA legal assistant Sherry Harpe. “But we were forced to send his script back to him, unread, and coated in caviar from one of our many lavish catered lunches. In the future, we look forward to receiving and rejecting his material through the proper channels.”

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