Director of development fired for championing original idea

‘He should have known better’ says company head

Adam Noble thought he was doing his job when he suggested optioning a taut thriller written by a first-time scribe from Boise, Idaho.

Instead, Noble was fired on the spot, due to the company’s unwritten rule that any new project must be a remake, adaptation, sequel, or based on an existing property.

“For some reason, Adam thinks we give a shit about whether material is original or entertaining,” said producer Bob Jenner, a principal at the company. “This is the movie business. The only things we care about are good blow and making easy money so we can buy even better blow.”

According to Jenner, that means saying yes to projects like Free Willy 5, and no to material that actually reveals something about the human condition.

Despite the setback, Noble has faith in the Hollywood system.

“Every once in a while, a quality movie gets made,” he said. “I figure if I stick around in this business long enough, I might work for a decent producer after like 40 or 50 years.”


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