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Script Track – May 19, 2009

Animated tale about a ragtag group of farm animals that band together to save the planet from aliens.
Writer: Bobby Markum


A thriller set in the high-stakes world of Hollywood managers, where development fees, rights and commissions intermingle to create the perfect storm of confusion for one unlucky writer who dares to challenge the system.
Writer wishes to remain anonymous.

Shwing Rolls
Chocolat set in Thailand. Based on a pitch by Mike Myers.

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Script consultant gives 46 different comedies exact same feedback

Simply swaps in new character names and titles

Ted Silver of recently sent the same feedback to his 46th straight comedy-writing client, eclipsing his previous mark for identical coverage set back in 2004 when he told three dozen screenwriters their horror scripts “had plenty of scares, but needed some character depth to be more attractive to producers.”

“I provide my clients a wonderful, consistent service regardless of the merits of their particular script,” said Silver, who claims to have read for some of the top companies in Hollywood, and also once reached the quarterfinals in Scriptapalooza. “By telling every writer the same thing, I put them on a level playing field and save myself a ton of time in the process.”

Silver denies using formatted coverage reports is a scam.

“It’s standard industry practice,” he said. “Half the time we don’t know what we’re talking about anyway. But it’s pretty hard to argue with vague feedback like ‘this comedy doesn’t have enough heart’ or ‘you’re definitely on to something with this idea.’”

According to one industry watchdog, nearly 90% of all script consultants have never even visited Hollywood, and only 2% have ever worked in the film industry. Of that 2%, most were summer interns.

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J.J. Abrams ponders The Greatest American Hero reboot

‘Could be super-slick and hip’


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Script Track – May 12, 2009

Fetal Attraction
A man becomes obsessed with the woman he impregnated during a one-night stand, only to realize this means she’s going to have his baby. He soon wants nothing to do with her. Based on 20 million true-life stories.
Writer: Alex Varner

After being bitten her pet hamster Speedy, a creepy young girl is imbued with an uncontrollable curse: humans spontaneously grow thick patches of animal fur whenever she sneezes.

Junk In The Trunk
Animated tale of an overweight elephant that goes on a diet to snag the male elephant of her dreams, but eventually meets a rhinoceros that accepts her for who she is. Kirstie Alley attached to voice lead role.
Writer: John Lasseter

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Screenwriter meets two more producers who will never hire him

WGA member Steve Delkin’s last paid writing gig was in 2004, but that hasn’t stopped the insurance salesman from going to yet another dead-end meeting with producers.

“You don’t walk into a meeting thinking it will lead to work,” said Delkin, moments after meeting with Suzanne and Jennifer Todd of Team Todd. “The key is to plant enough seeds around town, and eventually one of them will grow into an assignment.”

The theory has yet to work for Delkin, who gained notoriety in 2004 when his spec comedy ‘Drama Zone’ was purchased by Paramount. Since that project ended, however, Delkin has met with 168 different producers and development people without landing more work.

“I’m not a one-hit wonder,” said Delkin. “Technically, I am, but the point is I’m out there meeting people…something’s going to break.”

In the meantime, Delkin has “rediscovered his flair for sales” as a life insurance agent for State Farm.

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David Mamet breaks own record for f-bombs in script

New drama ‘Laced’ features 652 obscenities


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Script Track – May 5, 2009

Cinco de Gay-O
A homophobic lawyer mysteriously turns gay for 24 hours, and must somehow get through his company’s Cinco de Mayo festivities without cheating on his fiancée, but he also has to learn a valuable lesson that nobody – no matter their lifestyle – should be discriminated against.
Writer: Tony Gilroy

Based on the true story of a fashion reporter who had like two million Twitter followers, but gave it all up for the love of her life, a man who didn’t even have a Facebook page.
Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

A ragtag group of basketball-playing pirates have wild adventures on the high seas.
Writer: Johnny Phelps

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