Gary Busey goes 24 hours without freaking anybody out

Longest stretch since two days in May of 2003

Kodak Theatre64-year-old actor Gary Busey has been freaking people out on a near-constant basis for the last three decades, but Saturday saw a reprieve of his wildly erratic behavior when he made it to the grocery store and back without incident.

“Sometimes the mere sight of him will set off a riot,” said Vons supermarket manager Bob Smithe. “People literally run in every direction, hoping he doesn’t try to ‘read their aura’ or whatever the hell he’s doing when he grabs your face in his palm and starts chanting.”

But Saturday’s visit came and went without a problem, said Smithe.

“He just picked out his items, paid for them and left,” said the manager. “It almost freaked me out to see him acting so normally, but I’ll take that over him screaming at bad eggs any day.”

After arriving home, Busey was able to complete the 24-hour feat by not answering his phone or returning his emails until he woke up at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The normalcy stretch was ultimately broken when he told his agent he was planning to “annihilate Satan with some goat sacrifices.”


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