Local scribe not some overnight failure

‘It’s taken me years to achieve this little’

Ben Noble has been writing screenplays for 15 years, a fact he’s quick to point out whenever he’s lumped into the same category as other aspiring writers who have only been wasting their time for two or three years.

“It’s a real slap in the face to be compared to some new writer fresh out of college,” said Noble. “I’ve been failing at this ever since I left NYU’s film program back in 1994. I’m not some overnight failure.”

Noble, who bags groceries at Von’s for a living, was recently forced to defend his long-term ineptitude at a company party.

“I was over at Jose’s apartment and he introduced a new produce guy as a ‘struggling writer, just like Ben,’” said Noble. “Bullshit. That kid doesn’t know the meaning of the word struggle. Has he ever been divorced because of his passion for writing? Is his dog named Spec? I didn’t think so.”


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