Nikki Finke refers to self as God in column

Fourth time this month

In a town where rumors run rampant, many Hollywood insiders have come to trust the articles on Deadline Hollywood as gospel. All this faith has led Nikki Finke to develop an exaggerated sense of importance, as evidenced by a recent post in which she referred to herself alternately as “God” and the “Supreme Lord of All Industry Scoopage.”

“I knew she was growing a bit of an ego,” said Larry Dernier, a frequent Deadline Hollywood reader. “But when she claimed only a deity like herself could have found the exclusive details behind the new CAA parking validation procedure, I realized just how messed up that chick really is.”

Finke, however, claims she’s perfectly fine.

“Look, I’m not saying I’m God,” she explained. “I’m just pointing out the fact that scoops as amazing as mine could only be produced by someone like God. And in that scenario, the person like God would be me.

Added Finke: “Toldja!”


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