Michael Bay asks Academy to expand best pic nominations to 100 instead of just 10

’Maybe then we’ll get Transformers 2 in there!’ says delusional director

bay7Just minutes after Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences president Sid Ganis announced the 2009 Oscars will feature 10 best picture nominees, ‘Transformers 2’ director Michael Bay called on Ganis to expand the field to 100.

“Only then will my genius be recognized,” said Bay. “I call on the Academy to do the right thing and allow my somewhat-decent, but ultimately corny films to be deemed Oscar-worthy.”

According to Bay, the expanded field would make it easier for filmmakers like him to get much-needed ego boosts to go along with their giant bank accounts.

“Sure, the money is good,” said Bay. “But what I really crave is the respect of my peers. I want to share a Heineken with Uwe or Roland and say ‘hey, we’re doing interesting work, too. It’s not all about Scorsese and Soderbergh.’”

Added Bay: “They should introduce a slow-motion category. I’d clean up!”

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