Aspiring screenwriter’s tweets as hackneyed as his scripts

Scribe’s last follower finally gives up on him

twitterscribeFor nearly six months, aspiring screenwriter Jackson Bell has been bringing the same lack of wit and originality to twitter that he does to his comedy screenplays – and his followers have taken notice.

“They’ve been dropping like flies,” said Bell, confused. “I don’t get it. My tweets are always hilarious. Maybe it’s some kind of technical glitch on the twitter server.”

Bell’s last follower, his mom Lucy Smith, finally decided to stop receiving his tweets after Jackson posted a pointless, humorless message about his lunch on Sunday.

“It’s just pathetic,” said Smith. “The embarrassing thing is that he contacted all my friends and asked them to follow him, too. So of course they all signed up, only to learn my son is a moron. Apparently, I raised a boy who thinks fart jokes are still funny. No wonder he’s a total screenwriting failure.”

Bell is currently trying to come up with a funny way to explain his feelings in 140 characters or less.


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