Producer’s notes focus solely on lack of product placement

‘We haven’t even mentioned Apple yet’

Mosaic producer Bob Jensen recently tore into screenwriter Kevin Hart over a lack of product placement opportunities in his script ‘Spear of the Gods’ set in ancient Greece.

“This is a $90 million production at least,” said Jensen. “I don’t care if it’s set in 2009 or 29 B.C. – you better work in some product placements fast, before we get stuck in turnaround.”

According to the miffed producer, possible references could include the main character, a young warrior, taking a bite of an apple, winking at camera, and then mentioning how “there are definitely no viruses in this thing” and “it sure would make a great computer someday, if I knew what a computer was!”

Hart, an unproduced writer, was diplomatic about the notes.

“Bob does have a point, I guess,” he said. “If they can work the Container Store and Ford into ‘Year One,’ there’s no reason I can’t figure out a way to fulfill the studio’s obligations to Nintendo and Pizza Hut.”


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