Agent forgets about script request two seconds after sending it

Writer obsesses over whether to send it FedEx Priority Overnight or standard mail

agent-talk-logoWhen WME lit agent Joe Shamrock responded to an email query with a simple “sure, send a hard copy,” he had no idea he’d just set in motion a chain of events that would end up costing writer Carol Degrassi six hours of mental anguish and more than $100 in shipping charges.

“At first I was going to send it regular mail,” said Degrassi. “But what if it didn’t get there until next week? He’s obviously really excited to read this, so I need to get the script out there pronto, before his interest cools on it.”

Degrassi, who received the script request around 10 a.m., spent most of the day frantically trying to sort out her options, while getting advice from friends and three different screenwriting message boards.

“People were telling me to relax, but this was a major agent at one of the top agencies in town,” she said. “I’ve finally made it. Almost.”

Despite only earning $13 an hour as a telemarketer, Degrassi decided to “take advantage of the project’s momentum” and send the script FedEx Priority Overnight for $101.50.

When asked if he was impressed by Degrassi’s passion, Shamrock wasn’t sure.

“Which script are we talking about?” he asked. “The one my sister gave me to pass along to Jude Law?”


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