Query letter overestimates script’s potential by $200 million

Any film based on ‘Thrill Squad’ destined to lose money

Aspiring screenwriter Jack McDonald insists his spec script ‘Thrill Squad’ is the perfect blueprint for a $200 million summer blockbuster, but WME agent Bill Weinstein isn’t buying it.

“A movie about elite roller coaster designers who have to save the planet from alien invaders?” asked Weinstein. “I don’t know what some of these kids are thinking.”

Upon learning McDonald is not a kid, but a 42-year-old lawyer, Weinstein shrugged.

“Sad,” he moaned. “Really sad. On the bright side, at least the guy has a fallback.”

Despite not getting a response from WME or any of the other five dozen agencies and management companies he queried, McDonald remains convinced Thrill Squad has blockbuster written all over it.

“I don’t understand why I haven’t had any read requests,” he said. “I mentioned this would be a perfect vehicle for an ensemble cast of Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Will Smith, Brad Pitt and a few A-list actresses – what more do they want?”

Added McDonald: “It’s like Dark Knight and Lord of the Rings, only better.”

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