‘Screenwriter’ actually more of a carpet salesman in rural Oregon

Self-proclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Ralph Buckner is actually a 44-year-old carpet salesman in Oregon, his live-in girlfriend recently explained to him during an argument over their monthly budget.

“Maybe if you spent half as much time trying to sell carpet as you do trying to write the next great screenplay, we’d have money for rent,” she said. “News flash, Ralph: you sell carpet for a living. Stop spending $80 a month on screenplay contests and script consultants!”

Despite substantial evidence to the contrary, Buckner considers himself more a writer than a salesman.

“Selling berbers and plushes 35 hours a week is what I do to pay the bills,” said Buckner. “Writing screenplays is who I am. [His girlfriend] Anna is just jealous because I’m the creative one in the relationship.”

Buckner has worked for Oregon Carpet Company since 1994. His screenplay ‘Blue Collared’ advanced to the quarterfinal round of Scriptapalooza in 2002.


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