Romantic sci-fi comedy westerns hot right now, claims sketchy manager

Tells his client to finish ‘Frontier Love In Space’ asap

The job of a literary rep is to understand the needs and desires of the market, manager Darvin O’Connell told his only writer client yesterday.

“And what the market wants right now is a great romantic sci-fi comedy western,” O’Connell explained to him. “Luckily I have an idea for one I think you should write.”

His client, a schoolteacher from Idaho, wasn’t so sure when he first heard the premise.

“It sounded like Darvin was just saying romantic sci-fi comedy westerns were hot because he wanted me to write ‘Frontier Love In Space’ for free,” said 44-year-old chemistry teacher Louis Coburn of Boise. “But then he explained that a lot of these triple-cross-genres had been set up recently. And I guess he would know…I’m way out here in Boise and he’s got a home office in Woodland Hills, California. That’s right next to Beverly Hills!”

O’Connell has already begun whetting the market’s appetite for the project.

“I’ve put out feelers with all my contacts at the studios,” he said. “Neither of them has returned my call yet, but I take that as a good sign. No news is good news.”


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