WGA’s sole function is to keep new writers out, decides terrible writer

‘They also don’t want members from Ohio’ he claims

wga-logoWere it not for the Writer’s Guild and its draconian practice of making sure writers get paid decent wages, Cleveland scribe and part-time shoe salesman Eric Denson would be penning most of the movies and TV shows produced in Hollywood.

“I keep telling companies I’ll write their movies for like 20 bucks,” said Denson. “But since they’re WGA signatories, they have to pay me like $60,000 minimum or something like that. And if they’re going to pay someone that much, it’s not going to be a guy from Ohio. The Guild screws me again!”

According to Denson, whose script ‘The Coldest Icicle’ was recently bounced from Scriptapalooza in the first round, the Writer’s Guild is a “cabal of connected old white males who care more about money and health care than they do movies.”

When asked if he thought the Guild was biased against writers not based in Los Angeles, Denson snorted.

“Of course they don’t want people like me in their little club,” he complained. “I’m exactly what they’re afraid of: a totally unknown guy from Ohio who is willing to work for free.”

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One response to “WGA’s sole function is to keep new writers out, decides terrible writer

  1. row

    here’s a serious thought. If a studio, or someone in L.A., is going to shell out money for a decent script it’s absolutely true that they would go for one written by someone in town, that they know, than a complete stranger from, say, Ohio . (in fact most of the big films are written off of commissioned ideas/books anyways but still) What I’m driving at is that if they want a standard formulaic 50 million dollar project that is geared in every way at bringing in a decent return, sure there may be thousands (or not) of folks who can write such a film anywhere in the world but why go through all the trouble of working with them when you have folks nearby, that you know, that are doing it too? Wouldn’t it be kind of rude? In order to be successful and get a script bought from out of town without knowing anyone at all in the industry you better have a pretty damn good script. Not just a good script. Not just one that will make money. I’m talking about one that will make a shitload of money.

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