Agent pays more attention to fantasy football team than client’s new spec

Managing ‘Wilshire Ballers’ occupies most of rep’s time

agent-talk-logoUnited Talent Agency’s Bobby Demarco has his priorities in order, which is why he recently dodged a phone call from one of his young writers so he could focus his attention on trying to pick a third receiver up off waivers.

“I’ve guided the Ballers to three straight championships,” he said. “That writer hasn’t even optioned a script yet. Maybe I’ll get around to reading his spec after the season.”

According to Demarco, playing fantasy football feeds his passion for sports and helps keep him grounded while he builds a career in the fast-paced world of Hollywood agenting.

“It’s also way more fun than dealing with whiny clients, most of whom are talentless hacks, to be honest,” he said. “Peyton Manning, on the other hand? There’s no denying that guy’s skills. In fact, he’s probably a better writer than most of the people I represent.”


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