Marginally successful writer views every message board thread as a chance to talk about his own ‘career’

Scribe fails to realize nobody gives a shit

Community college math professor Ben Wade recently twisted a Done Deal Pro discussion about screenplay formatting into a thread about the fact he is “a professional writer.”

“As a 15-year veteran in the publishing and film industries, I know a thing or two about formatting,” said Wade, who has spent the last three months doing a free assignment for one of the associate producers on the 1996 film Bio Dome. “My vast experience working with producers and hobnobbing with high-level publishing execs tells me you should keep the margins at one inch. I actually had a long debate with Tom Wolfe about this back when we were writing partners…sorta.”

The message board behavior is a pattern for Wade, who has shown an uncanny ability to inject proclamations of his own writing prowess into even the most unrelated discussions.

“This one time we were talking about making web shorts,” said a fellow Done Deal member. “Next thing I know [AgedScribe64] is bragging about the time he counseled a younger writer on the perils of switching agents. What the hell is that?”



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5 responses to “Marginally successful writer views every message board thread as a chance to talk about his own ‘career’

  1. This blog is hilarious. Just added it to my links.

    Check out mine if you get a chance

  2. hollywoodroaster


    So I check out your blog and am greeted with….David Hasselhoff in his underwear.


    I will try to get past that and enjoy your blog nonetheless. I’ve heard good things.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA I’ve met this guy!

  4. John P

    The most press Jake’s had in forever.

  5. Tom L

    are this writer’s initials DL or JM?

    it could be either as far as I’m concerned!

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