Desperate producer tries to convince studio that fortune cookies count as ‘existing properties’

‘There are only so many comic books in the world!’ he claims

fortunecookieMosaic producer Bob Tremble was recently shot down by Paramount execs when he tried to convince them that the fortune he found in a stale Chinese cookie last month could be the basis for a four-quadrant tentpole film.

“Who knows how many people have already seen this thing?” he asked, defiantly slapping the white slip of paper on the exec’s desk. “I’ve personally opened this message like ten times, so it’s definitely got some market awareness — and possibly a cult following.”

While the fortune, which reads “You will be successful in love and work,” does indeed tie into Tremble’s pitch for a family comedy, Paramount VP Mike Andersen wasn’t buying it.

“It’s a bit of a stretch,” he said. “I can’t go to the board with a 2-inch piece of paper and tell them it’s their next $150 million investment. Unless Will Smith was attached…or maybe even if he was the one who opened the fortune in the first place.”

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