Despite being typo-free, screenplay still completely unprofessional

Proper spelling and punctuation fail to save dreadful script

Done Deal Pro message board member ‘Scribernator5’ was recently on the receiving end of a rude awakening after his script was torn to shreds by a manager at Evolution.

“Normally, I just pass on amateurish scripts like this,” said Mark Kaplan. “But I felt a real obligation to tell [Scribernator5 user Sam Engram] that he should save himself years of pain and just go back to Minnesota already. It was literally that bad.”

The script, entitled ‘Love Deputy,’ tells the story of a young sheriff who finds himself in the middle of a love triangle in the small town of Jameson, Minnesota. Unfortunately, the screenplay is woefully devoid of any redeeming qualities.

“From story to theme to structure…to dialogue to character to castability…to just about everything else, this one really blew,” said Kaplan. “I can say with complete certainty this writer has no future in Hollywood.”

Engram was utterly confused by the feedback.

“Two different paid consultants complimented me on the screenplay’s professionalism,” said Engram. “They said the action lines were clear, and they couldn’t find a single typo in the entire script!”


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