Manager has no intention of ever sending out your script

Does plan on noting you to death, however

Evolution manager Alex Dernier really likes your romantic comedy screenplay “Love Ditty,” but he does have some notes.

“I know this is going to blow up most of the first two acts, and probably the third, but I think it’s necessary,” he emailed you yesterday. “We need to re-think the whole karaoke aspect. It’s been done.”

You were surprised to hear this feedback, but willing to go along with the note due to your irrational fear of losing your first rep.

“Let me think about that,” you replied. “Hey — what if they were both rock band groupies instead?”

Two minutes later, you had your answer.

“Sure,” Dernier emailed, instantly creating two months of additional work for you. “That might be kinda funny, I guess. Let’s try it!”

He then forgot all about you and called a more important client on the phone.


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