Uwe Boll’s ‘Blood Sergeant’ snubbed by Austin Film Festival

Controversial German helmer decries elitist judges

uweWhen you’re the creative force behind a film about a psychotic Miami police sergeant hellbent on avenging the murder of his twin sisters, you don’t expect to be shut out of the Austin Film Festival.

At least not if your name is Uwe Boll.

“It is a shit move,” he said, referring to the festival’s decision not to accept his latest R-rated bloodbath. “They let in some boring Charlize Theron movie, but apparently my bullet-riddled romp through Florida’s mafia-controlled gambling scene is not good enough for them.”

When asked why his 92-minute pic starring an unknown kick boxer deserved to be screened at the festival, Boll turned angry.

“The main character kills 23 different people,” he said. “What more do you want to know? Oh, here’s a tidbit: his twin sisters were murdered by the European drug dealer he’s chasing. Feel stupid now?”

This is the 12th straight year Boll has been shut out of the festival.



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2 responses to “Uwe Boll’s ‘Blood Sergeant’ snubbed by Austin Film Festival

  1. Actually, he was there with BLOODRAYNE a few years ago – really amusing guy, tells great stories… makes crappy movies.

  2. hollywoodroaster

    stupid Roaster research team.

    at the very least, Boll sure is prolific…….

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