Writer admits film festival pitch didn’t go exactly as planned

‘Telling David Boxerbaum to go fuck himself? That was a mistake’

Aspiring screenwriter Larry Bolan came to Austin in hopes of parlaying his sci-fi pitch into an offer of representation.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t really go down like that,” said the vacuum repair man from Akron, Ohio. “One minute I’m doing fine and the next thing I know I’m telling [APA agent David] Boxerbaum he wouldn’t know a good logline if it bit him in the ass. The rest is kind of a blur…”

Despite Bolan’s obscenity-laced tirade, Boxerbaum was surprisingly good-natured about the public abuse.

“New writers can freeze up,” he said. “I mean, I’ve never been told to go fuck myself in front of 200 people before…but I guess it happens.”

At the end of the day, however, the veteran literary agent admitted he didn’t really understand what Bolan’s script was about.

“I think there were killer robots or something…maybe a bionic detective?” he guessed. “I’m not sure. Things went downhill pretty fast, especially when he mistook me silencing my cellphone for me ‘texting Harvey Weinstein,’ whatever that’s about.”

Bolan plans to pitch all future scripts via email.


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2 responses to “Writer admits film festival pitch didn’t go exactly as planned

  1. I like how all your nitwits are from Ohio. Well played, sir.

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