Script Track – October 27, 2009

A dying mechanic extends his life by hooking himself up to a 1967 Mustang…fusing man and machine and creating pure awesomeness.
Based on a pitch by Jay Leno.

Flan of The Month
A taut thriller about a man who joins a flan of the month club, only to find out each month’s flan is made of people!
Writer: James Wan

Based on the popular printer style.


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2 responses to “Script Track – October 27, 2009

  1. M

    Alien V or “The Primeval Egg.”

    Before an alien starship filled with alien eggs impacts the Earth, a NASA next-generation synaptic computer has 24 hours to solve the most though queries of all —

    Which came first, the alien queen that laid the alien egg, or the alien egg from which was born the alien queen?

    Stay tuned.

  2. M


    of course it’s:

    “the toughest query”

    or, better:

    “the mother of all queries”


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