Nigerian screenwriter unable to convince Hollywood reps his email query isn’t a scam

‘Dear Esteemed Literary Agent…’ emails immediately trashed

Lagos-based screenwriter Amoka Denwar has not received a single response from his latest batch of query emails, which the 27-year-old Nigerian recently sent to more than 200 agents and managers.

“I don’t understand it,” said Denwar. “I’ve tried to be as professional as possible with my query. I simply request that people hear what I have to offer, then respond with their address, phone number and name so I can send them a copy. It really is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.”

In an effort to convince people of his trustworthiness, Denwar has made it clear that he is of royal descent.

“I’ve tried everything, even formal emails addressing agents and managers by their full names, such as the Esteemed Mr. Nick Reed,” he said. “Still, nothing. I even tried telling people how much money they could make if they sold one of my scripts, but that didn’t work either. It’s very strange…I really thought I was on to something with my logline.”

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