90% of aspiring scribe’s coworkers better writers than him

Wannabe screenwriter less talented than boss, secretary and janitor

Aspiring screenwriter Joe Grable has written more than a dozen scripts since 2002, but despite his belief to the contrary, this doesn’t mean he’s a better writer than his coworkers.

“Everyone at the office is jealous because they know I’ll be a big Hollywood writer someday,” said Grable, a claims adjuster at a Seattle-based insurance company. “I mean, I’ve been repped for six months now, so it’s clearly going to pop for me soon. I just feel bad for all my coworkers, stuck in their dead-end jobs.”

While Grable’s coworkers don’t wish him any ill will, they do dispute the fact that he’s the best writer among them.

“I’ve read Joe’s scripts, and frankly, they’re fairly mediocre,” said Jerry Smith, Grable’s boss. “Now Tony the janitor…that guy can write. I once read a self-published novel of his, and he’s way more talented than Joe. Also, Glenda from accounting once wrote me a birthday card I enjoyed more than any of Joe’s scripts, which he incessantly forces us to give him feedback on.”

Added Smith: “Of course anytime we give him criticism, you can see that vein in his forehead bulging. Then he mumbles something about talent and stalks off in a huff.”

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