Another ad copywriter thinks he’s talented enough to write books or movies

‘Did you see my hilarious shampoo commercial?’

Jim Elden is an award-winning advertising copywriter with more than 30 TV commercials under his belt, which he believes qualifies him to write best-selling novels and million-dollar spec screenplays.

“I’ve always been clever,” said the 28-year-old copywriter at Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco. “I wrote that campaign for the candy bars where everyone is naked and they make the ‘nut’ jokes. It was pretty awesome.”

And once the campaign starting racking up industry awards, Elden began believing his ability to come up with moderately humorous 30-second stories somehow meant he was talented enough to craft the perfect 110-page screenplay.

Unfortunately for Elden, most Hollywood producers don’t really care about his ad work.

“Every copywriter I know thinks he’s the next John Hughes,” said WME agent Bobby Wendell, referring to the fact that Hughes once worked in advertising. “But most of them are more like the plumber from Peoria who also has no chance in this business.”


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