Confused newbie glad he wasn’t “Black Listed” for writing edgy political thriller

Feels bad for outed writers with no future

Aspiring scribe Josh Feldon was relieved to learn his name was not among those included in Hollywood’s 2009 Black List.

“I really dodged a bullet there,” he said, after his spy thriller received a grand total of zero votes. “I thought for sure ‘Commieland’ might prevent me from ever working in this town. Instead, the pro-communist undertones snuck right past all those prodco readers. None of them even bothered to question me on it!”

Added Feldon: “Which is weird, because my manager in Van Nuys said he blanketed the whole town with the script.”

Despite being happy about his own situation, Feldon did express sympathy for other writers who weren’t so lucky.

“I mean, what is this, 1949? Look at a guy like Aaron Sorkin,” said Feldon. “I feel terrible for him. That dude has a family…probably. What’s next? No Jews writing in Hollywood?”

When asked if he was worried about appearing on future Black Lists, Feldon shook his head.

“No, I hide my gayness pretty well,” he said. “But I’m definitely worried about voting for Obama. People are starting to realize that guy’s a socialist. He should really tone it down.”


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