Top 15 Nikki Finke Headlines Of 2009

The Year In TOLDJA!

15. Light Posting Today…Computer Crisis!
14. You Heard It Here First: William Morris-Endeavor Merger DEAD
13. TOLDJA! The Temperature Didn’t Break 80 Yesterday!
12. OMG! This Is Like So NOT A Gossip Site
11. Some Guy Is Going To Get Fired A Lot Sooner Because Of This Post…
10. Oops, My Bias Is Showing
9. Fourth Update: I’m Now Being Told The Story In That Other News Outlet Is 100% Wrong
8. Check Out This Link Where Someone Drops My Name
7. Ben Silverman GRRRRRRRRR
6. The Real Story About My Date With Jeff Zucker
5. I Just Got Paid $15 Million! Eat It, Variety!
4. EXCLUSIVE: Wheel Of Fortune Moving To 6:30
3. Allow Me To Get On This High Horse For A Second…
2. Update: I Just Tweaked My Archives To Make It Look Like I Predicted This Months Ago
1. Why The Fuck Is There Still Only One Picture Of Me On Google?

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