Aspiring scribe uses terminally ill son’s ‘Make-A-Wish’ to pitch Will Smith

A surprise visit from the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned into an impromptu pitch-fest when failed writer Randy Hodgson used his son Matthew’s dream of meeting Will Smith as an opportunity to seek Hollywood access from the film star.

“I took Matthew’s hand and told him he was the bravest little boy I knew,” said Smith. “And then his dad jumped in talkin’ bout how bravery is the theme of some story he did about Civil War werewolves.”

While Smith typically enjoys engaging children from the foundation in video games or one-to-one chats, the senior Hodgson insisted on joining the two in Matthew’s hospital room, where he spent the majority of Smith’s visit pitching film premises in which the actor could star.

“I told him about my idea for having him play a gangster who travels back in time and becomes a gladiator. He looked at me for a few minutes but didn’t say anything,” said Hodgson. “He might have been thinking it over.”

Hodgson, a 37-year-old self-published author whose novels include ‘War of Vengeance’ and ‘Danger M,’ insisted on handing Mr. Smith some of his own self-illustrated concept art as well as maps he drew for a fantasy script in which dinosaurs govern humans.

“Ankylosaurus Arch? What the hell’s a damn Ankylosaurus Arch?” Smith remarked, before disposing of Hodgson’s life’s work in a nearby receptacle.

Submitted by K.G.

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