Assistant actually missed boss’s insults over the holidays

‘This is a new low’ she admits, ashamed of herself

Molly Durant, or “Stubbybutt” as she’s known around the office, has been trying to convince herself to quit her job for months, but something inside keeps her going.

“That something died a little bit this morning when I actually laughed after Bill told me I was looking extra stubby in 2010,” she said, referring to Bill Stridell, her boss. “I’m so ashamed.”

Durant, who graduated in the top five percent of her class at Yale, has been toiling as an agent’s assistant since early 2008, hoping to achieve her dreams of one day being a talent rep to the stars.

“My family keeps telling me I should use my degree in psychology and open my own practice, but I want to give this Hollywood thing a fair shot,” she said. “Still, it’s a little disconcerting that I’ve grown to like it when people insult me. I guess it’s some twisted form of validation.”

Added Durant: “But at least there’s a 1 in 50 chance I’ll make agent someday. ”


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