Sketchy producer ups ante with $2 option

Tyro scribe agrees to unprecedented 5-year pact

Producer Chris Reiterson was so excited about the spec script “Dudes On Mars,” he doubled his usual option fee to two whole dollars, according to first time scribe John Noble.

“He must really like it!” exclaimed Noble. “I know two bucks isn’t a ton of money, but it’s twice what writers like me usually get and shows [Reiterson] can’t wait to set it up at a studio. But sometimes those things take time, which is why he wanted five years to make it happen. I think his cousin works for Fox or something.”

Noble signed a 5-year deal that gives Reiterson exclusive rights to shop the space comedy around town at different studios, where Reiterson has worked as an assistant groundskeeper.

“This project is going places, man,” said Reiterson, speaking from his mother’s basement. “I’m gonna produce the hell out of this script. It needs a little work, but John is a hungry writer and I’m no slouch myself!”

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