Producer has exact same ‘spontaneous’ idea in five straight meetings

Tries to pass off rehearsed feedback as genuine light-bulb moment

Uber-producer Jerry Burnett, the creative force behind some of Hollywood’s highest-grossing comedies, recently suggested the same story idea in five consecutive meetings. In each instance, he pretended the idea was the result of on-the-spot brainstorming.

“Hey…I just thought of this, but what if the main character was overly attached to his Blackberry?” mused Burnett, for the fifth time in as many meetings. “It’s not a huge thing, but it’s one of those details that could really impact this character’s arc. I mean, take it or leave it…just a random thought that popped into my head.”

According to Mark Williams, one of the writers who met with Burnett during the streak, the Blackberry note was “interesting, but a bit forced.”

“It seems odd that we’d have a werewolf overly attached to his PDA,” said Williams. “It was almost like the idea fit into an entirely different story. Not sure what Jerry was thinking on that one.”

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