Script readers go nuts over iPad’s new ‘skim’ feature

Also excited by plot detection app

The lives of Hollywood’s script readers just got a little easier, thanks to the new Apple iPad, which boasts an array of features designed to help lowly readers fly through the slush pile.

“I heard it has this facial recognition function that can sense if I’m bored while I’m reading a script,” said Thomas Martin, an assistant at UTA. “Then it automatically engages ‘skim mode’ so I only have to read every fifth page! I totally could have used this last night when I was reading that horror-comedy about giant bug people.”

Other features include plot detection apps, a touch-screen coverage wizard and perhaps the most innovative capability: the virtual reader.

“We’ve created four distinct ‘virtual reader’ personalities to review and respond to scripts,” said an Apple spokesperson. “There’s Angry Margie the wannabe-writer, Considerate Carl, the consider with reservations, Indie Mindy, the reader who hates mainstream scripts, and High-Concept Hal, who never thinks any ideas are big enough.”


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