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THR Radio Report: Oscars telecast to last eight days this year

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Writer sad about all the horrible scripts he lost in computer crash

Frantically searches email for backup copies of dreck

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Script Track – February 23, 2010

Urban tale of a woman who falls in love with a man, only to find out he’s already engaged to her longtime rival.
Writer: Miss Divine

Plot being kept under wraps. Shawn Levy attached to direct.

Short Walks On The Beach
Romantic comedy about two ironic people who love the opposite of everything most couples do.
Writer: Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel

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Agent has recurring dream in which he gets 25% commission

agent-talk-logoAs is the case with most of his peers, CAA’s Bob Demarco works hard for his clients and is nothing like the stereotypical, money-grubbing agent so often portrayed in movies and television.

“Still, it would be pretty sweet to get that 25%,” he admitted, referring to a nightly dream he’s had since early 2002. “I mean, think about it, I don’t even get 10%. The agency does. I only see a fraction of that.”

In the dream, Demarco lands an 8-figure development deal for one of his TV clients and is awarded 25% in cash, on the spot. Demarco then drives off into the sunset in his gold-plated Ferrari with a naked Jessica Alba in the passenger seat.

“Then I wake up next to my wife, who is attractive enough, I guess, but definitely not Alba quality,” said Demarco. “Next thing you know I’m pulling out of my cramped 3-car garage in my boring 2008 Mercedes.”

Added Demarco: “Just once, man. Just once…”

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THR Radio Report: ICM goes wide with ‘Chopposites Attract’ script

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Writer locked out of Gmail account after sending one too many queries

Aspiring scribe knew he was playing with fire

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Script Track – February 16, 2010

The Sheep Hoarder
In an effort to break his wife of her hoarding habit, a suburban man starts hoarding sheep. Hilarity ensues when the guy can’t stop!
Writer: Jerry Benson

Mac Daddy
Steve Jobs biopic. Based on the best-selling novel. Anthony Edwards attached to star.

T.G.I. Thursday
A hapless gambler has until tomorrow (Friday) to convince the people in his life to let him borrow $50,000 to pay off a bookie.
Writer: Tony Reardon

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