Producer ‘extremely passionate’ about 36 different projects

According to film producer Alex Whitmore, the key to having a successful career in Hollywood is demonstrating passion for your work.

“The more indiscriminate, the better,” he said. “I’m talking about the kind of passion you can generate at the drop of a hat, in a studio exec’s office, even though the project being discussed is a remake of some failed 70s sitcom. Shit yeah I can get excited about that! At least for a few minutes…”

In the past two weeks alone, Whitmore has displayed overwhelming support for nearly 40 different projects, claiming each of them is “near and dear to his heart.”

“There’s that one about the robot cat ninja,” he said, referring to the spec script he optioned last month. “So exciting! But I also love the story rights we purchased this morning from that small town witch doctor. They’re all my favorite.”

When told the term “favorite” typically applies to a single thing, Whitmore laughed.

“Sure, for losers,” he said. “You think I got where I am today by being a loser? I don’t think so.”


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