Writer’s Facebook status informs friends of continued delusion

‘Tom Jenkins finished Act 2! Yeahhh!’

Friends and acquaintances of aspiring writer Tom Jenkins were disappointed to learn he’s still trying to break into screenwriting, despite nearly a decade of failure.

“I was checking Facebook and saw Tom’s status about him working on some script,” said longtime friend Barry Cole. “I can’t believe he’s still trying to follow his dreams like that. I guess he never went to law school, after all.”

Jenkins, whose dedication to screenwriting has cost him at least two promotions at work, typically devotes 80% of his Facebook activity to networking and/or sharing progress on his projects.

“Just when I thought I didn’t have to hear about his writing anymore, he starts Facebooking about it,” said Sally Rumsfeld, a former coworker of Jenkins. “I’m pretty sure I have to de-friend him, as his constant updates were one of the reasons I left the company to begin with.”


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