Script Track – March 9, 2010

A woman with three ex-husbands named Bob decides to swear off future Bobs no matter what – the day before she meets the man of her dreams. And you know what his name is!
Writer: Diane Benson

An Army of Two
Instead of going back to Iraq for a third tour of duty, a G.I. convinces his twin brother to take his place.
Based on the December 2009 New York Times article.

When a slacker’s best friend goes into the witness protection program, the slacker must figure out a way to tag along so he can continue mooching off his buddy forever.
Writer: Jared Burns



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3 responses to “Script Track – March 9, 2010

  1. Jim

    I realize your Script Track loglines are all satirical, but a lot of them are viable premises for movies…

  2. hollywoodroaster

    Good call, Jim.

    Sometimes it’s hard coming up with ideas ridiculous enough to be fake…

  3. I could swear I’ve done coverage on the first one.

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