Writer’s pitch identical to that one episode of Full House

Producer too embarrassed to mention it

Veteran screenwriter Andy Clemons was only three minutes into his pitch at New Ground Pictures when producer Rob Smith realized the scribe’s “Jodie’s First Job” idea was identical in plot to the season 4 episode of Full House entitled “Working Girl.”

“But I didn’t want to say anything,” said Smith. “A, the guy was so excited about ‘cracking’ the story. B, I don’t want to be known around the company as the jagoff that still watches Full House on Nick at Nite. Which I don’t!”

Clemons, meanwhile, had no idea his concept – about a girl who must get a job to pay for her expensive shoes – was identical to that one episode where D.J. flunks a test because of her new job at the mall.

“Then the girl’s friend changes the F to an A, totally complicating matters,” said Clemons, referring to his own idea. “Now she’s got two problems on her hands.”

Unfortunately for Clemons, the same thing happened when Kimmy Gibbler changed the grade on D.J.’s test without her permission.

Despite the similarities between the pitch and a 20-year-old TV episode, New Ground is partnering to take into studios.


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