Studio exec stops reading Shane Black script because of too many wrylies

Also turned off by bolded sluglines

Sony executive Brent Albertson recently tossed out a Shane Black action spec after reading only seven pages.

“I was totally into the concept and execution, but it had way too many wrylies,” said Albertson. “How am I supposed to take this script seriously? The industry has adopted these guidelines for a reason.”

Despite the fact Sony has already committed $1 million to the script, Albertson claims he’ll do everything in his power to derail the project.

“That script is dead to me,” he said. “What I’m more excited about is this perfectly formatted spec by some vacuum salesman in Ohio about a killer ant infestation. Not a single typo in the whole thing.”

Black, one of Hollywood’s most respected action writers, understood the decision.

“I really should’ve cleaned that shit up,” he said. “I could get away with all those off-handed comments to the reader back in the 80s. Now that everybody and their sister has screenwriting software on their laptops, I need to rein it in.”


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